Cycle Sports Oakland Bike Fitting Services


Proper bike fit is essential to prevention of repetitive motion and overuse injuries as well as overall discomfort related to a poor riding position. While we ensure that every person who buys a new bike from us has it set up properly for an efficient and comfortable riding position, we can also perform more comprehensive fit and position consultations for you on your present bike, whether you purchased it from us or not.

We highly recommend these consultations to anybody wishing to increase their committment to cycling, either through greater mileage (e.g. charity rides, tours and club training), or intensity (racing). Our resident fit experts are highly qualified and trained in the Serotta bicycle fitting discipline, have a thorough knowledge of cycling biomechanics and have extensive experience with other fit standards to tailor each fit analysis and consultation to your specific requirements.

Introduced at Cycle Sports in the Winter of 2008, a new state-of-the-art Dartfish video based motion analysis bike fitting system and private fitting studio are the latest of our customer service offerings.The video capture and analysis system we use is the same that many national teams utilize. And when combined with the detailed, personal, face-to-face consultation ethic we employ, Cycle Sports offers one of the most thorough, precise, and personalized bike fit solutions in the industry. The new technology does not replace the standards we continue to use in determining proper bike fit, but it dramatically increases the reliability of measurements, and enhances the dialog between the cyclist and the fit consultant with some terrific visual documentation.Come and see the studio for yourself, or call us if you have any questions.

For more information on fit consultations, what to bring, what to expect, or to schedule a fit appointment, please call (510-444-7900), fill out an online fit request form here, or drop by the shop, or email